Can anyone tell me how to flash the pinephone ROM to my mobile phone?

would you please anyone can tell me how to flash the pinephone Rom to my mobilephone?
my phone is Nubia nx549J
CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 625

Short answer DON’T :exclamation:

:warning: You are going to brick your device :exclamation:

The pinephone image is for pinephone - buy a pinephone instead.

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so ,the pinephone ROM is not a common OS ,can install any mobile device?

this phone i won’t use ,even if bricked ,nothing to care.
And ,thus have some method to flash ROM ?

There’s not really standardization between arm devices so it takes a customized kernel version per each. The images you would flash would be for the pinephone hardware specifically. It is guaranteed to NOT work.