Can anyone make AUR for these applications?

I am sorry if I should not ask for this and you can delete my post if it is not appropriate.

Here’s the reason: We create free tools like books and videos (tromsite dot com - we are volunteers), and now we want to create a custom manjaro build. I already learned to do that, but I don’t understand how to create AUR packages. Seems too difficult for me.

Here are the applications: Imagine (a really neat batch image optimizer) and Jitsi Meet (really useful video conference application) - I would love to have these as AUR for ease of installation and updating.

Can anyone either help create these as AUR packages or at least teach me how I can do this? Thanks in advance!

Explain what you don’t understand instead of just expecting others to do this for you.

Start reading these first …

There are also many threads on this in the forum, users embarking on their first AUR PKGBUILD. Find them, read them and anything you don’t understand ask in this thread.

Best way is to get an existing PKGBUILD file and alter it to suit to the package you are trying to build.


Imagine is already an AppImage on the Github you linked, so would be no real reason to make an AUR package of it. Just download and run.

The Jitsi one is just an Electron version of the other jitsi which is in AUR, right?


Yes I’ve read multiple such posts. I will try to learn more about. If in the meantime anyone else finds it easy and want to help with the above ones then awesome. Will keep an eye on this post and will post here if I have any questions about building an AUR package. Thanks!

Yes indeed it has an appimage, but as far as I understand appimages do not update automatically and I wanted to rely on an OS where all applications are installed via the same “software center” (pamac) to make it less of a frankenstein like I used to do with ubuntu.

Unfortunately it isn’t. The AUR one is an older version of their application that I don’t think has much in common with “Jitsi Meet”.

Neither should AUR packages. :slight_smile:

This will almost always happen, because developers don’t develop in the same environment, using the same language or even the same platform. Some applications are only available as Snaps, some only as Flatpak, some only as AppImages and some only as repo packages.
It will most likely still be a frankenstein. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I see it’s tagged as “Legacy” on their website.
Weird that no one has added Jitsi Meet to the AUR yet, since it’s at least 6 months old according to commits on Github.

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Yes indeed :slight_smile: - someone has to push the update but at least if they push an update it updates via the same package manager, whilst appimages need to be updated manually. Just a tiny bit inconvenient and yeah if no one can build and AUR for Imagine and I won’t be able to do it, will use the appimage ;).

Yup. When I used Ubuntu it became a total frankenstein. With Manjaro things are really great from that perspective because of Manjaro’s repos and AUR. Except 3 appimages everything is installed and managed through pamac, which I absolutely love.

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Look at the PKGBUILDS of various git versions of AUR packages.

For example, here you can compare two relatively simple, slightly different PKGBUILDS for the same github package and they both do the same and work great:

pkgdesc="Plasma 5 applet that shows the application title and icon for active window"

pkgver() {
  cd applet-window-title
  git describe --long --tags | sed 's/^v//;s/\([^-]*-g\)/r\1/;s/-/./g'

package() {
  mkdir -p "$_pkgdir"
  cp -r applet-window-title/* "$_pkgdir"
  rm "$_pkgdir/"

and here is the “official” PKGBUILD from AUR:

pkgdesc="Plasma 5 applet that shows the application title and icon for active window"

    cd ${_gitname}
    printf "r%s.%s" "$(git rev-list --count HEAD)" "$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)"

package() {
  mkdir -p "$_pkgdir"
  cp -r applet-window-title/* "$_pkgdir"
  rm "$_pkgdir/"

So basically you create a folder, put your PKGBUILD file and run: makepkg -i

It compiles and installs the package (or only compiles for Arch/Manjaro without -i)

This is only an example and not all git packages are done in the same way but you can clearly see some nice tricks in the second PKGBUILD and it’s obvious what they do. You must figure out how it should work for your app and modify above codes accordingly.
I admit, it’s not easy task and not for everyone. This is above my skills, but hopefully you will figure it out.

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They are both delivered as Appimage, just use them (also you already asked for jitsi Add Jitsi Meet to AUR or Manjaro repos )

As said in the previous topic

Here’s the Arch mailing list

The tread:

Notable reply:

From the afromentioned link:

the AppImage format has the ability to self-update via a UI
exposed within the application itself (see libappimageupdate) using a
manifest embedded within the AppImage. It also supports binary deltas.
Updates can be automatically run in the background or triggered by a popup.

Would be nice to know if updates work or if are implemented

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Thanks! Still looks Chinese to me :smiley: - but maybe I’ll learn “chinese”

Yes they are as appimages and yes I am using them. But I ma making a custom Manjaro build for “normal” people and I want as little hassle for them as possible. I am going to pre-install a lot of applications for them and do many customizations to make it easier, and I wanted to avoid to explain to them “appimages”. And ah, sorry, I honestly forgot I requested Jitsi. My bad for requesting twice.

Useful links, thank you! If appimages can autoupdate then that’s very good.

Put appimages in the iso like you do with your configurations, just to give an idea

Exactly what I am doing, but I have to tell people to click them to integrate into the system. I wanted to avoid giving them such instructions. I know, it is super easy, but I also have to instruct them to install AUR applications that we recommend so I feel like I am “bloating” them with instructions. I wasn’t able to integrate appimages into the system - it seems that setting/config is not stored in the home folder.

You may also look at this link as it’s important to building git packages and explains some functions you see in PKGBUILDs specific to git packages:

For me it’s also chineese but I don’t need to know it that desperately… Basically, when you learn how to build git AUR packages, you can install everything easily on Arch-based system.

I am sure these links will help a lot if I/we decide to do this. I will ask around some of the people who are helping with our project if they can help with this. So, thanks a lot! If you have more helpful links let me know. :wink:

Interesting! I didn’t know this. I can see a link to obtain the development version of FreeCAD on the welcome screen, so I suppose it works.

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