Call for Wallpaper Submissions for AdaptaBreath Theme



Looking for anyone who wants to contribute a wallpaper to be included in the new AdaptaBreath theme. It currently comes bundled with something sort of thrown together and I wish it had a nicer image for the defaults.

So - any of you wallpaper folks feeling bored?

(PS - I actually need atleast 2 - the normal AdaptaBreath and AdaptaBreathLuna iterations)

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Edit for color values:

1abc9c = teal
222d32 = dark (blue?) background
fafbfc = white
c1c1c1 = Luna grey

Note - slight variations of tones have been used as well. For example using this link you can find the darker teal varients such as 17a689

AdaptaBreath Theme WIP

Thank you :slight_smile:

wrong color :-)


You are right - theres the edit :wink:



I feel lonly :wink:


As a person on a never ending search for nature landscapes (as wallpapers) I find extremely helpful. :wink:


That’s all I can give :wink:


I mean I miss @ant @Lunix @muser
The order is purely random and could “have sorted it alphabetically now”.


Oho oh, now you’re getting sentimental :joy::wink:


I will submit something then if it makes you feel better :slight_smile:



Can someone post a high resolution (1080 or higher) screenshot of the theme in use, a menu and a file browser showing, please?


AdaptaBreath Theme WIP


@muser already made some ideal for this


Weekend :slight_smile: