Calendar events in gnome shell overlap with world time

Having multiple calendar events per day as well as a world clock configured breaks the design of the gnome shell calendar (?).
By breaking I mean that the calendar events are overlapping the world clock.

Is this a known behavior and how would I go forward to fix this? I couldn’t find anything by googling as I don’t exactly know how to accurately describe the problem.

Some pointers towards where it would be appropriate to file a bug report are appreciated as well.

Apparently I’m neither allowed to upload a screenshot or a link to a picture of what I mean so I hope my description is sufficient.


Please follow this to showcase better your issue

Sadly is not sufficient :upside_down_face:

Once we identify what happens we might know where to report this, or find a solution.

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Can you check if the issue also if you set gnome-shell theme to Adwaita?