Calamares not working

The update of calamares seems to be missing files in /usr/share/calamares/branding/manjaro added a few files from an older version and got it to start . It wasn’t quite right as the slideshow did not start.
This was using buildiso today.

You need to use the 3.2.61-3 from unstable … or use the latest build ISO from here Releases · manjaro-plasma/download · GitHub

I did use that one and it did not start.

You have to rebuild the ISO. On previous ISO build was not working for me and Philip either to update it … See how Philip did the ISO i linked, because that is the last one and works.

Just tried a cinnamon minimal and that is using 3.60-7 which works but perhaps is available?
I’ll build it again and see what version now goes in and report back.
3.2.61-3 does not start.

3.2.61-1 comes with the old slideshow. 3.2.61-2 came with a broken slideshow and 3.2.61-3 fixed that issue with the slideshow. If you use custom branding you may need to update your slideshow.

[phil@infinitybook core]$ pacman -Fl calamares | grep branding
calamares usr/share/calamares/branding/
calamares usr/share/calamares/branding/manjaro/
calamares usr/share/calamares/branding/manjaro/branding.desc
calamares usr/share/calamares/branding/manjaro/calamares-sidebar.qml
calamares usr/share/calamares/branding/manjaro/logo.svg
calamares usr/share/calamares/branding/manjaro/logo_small.svg
calamares usr/share/calamares/branding/manjaro/slideshow/
calamares usr/share/calamares/branding/manjaro/slideshow/Artwork.qml
calamares usr/share/calamares/branding/manjaro/slideshow/Slide.qml
calamares usr/share/calamares/branding/manjaro/slideshow/SlideShow.qml
calamares usr/share/calamares/branding/manjaro/slideshow/Slider.qml
calamares usr/share/calamares/branding/manjaro/slideshow/background.svg
calamares usr/share/calamares/branding/manjaro/slideshow/background_dark.svg
calamares usr/share/calamares/branding/manjaro/slideshow/rocket_smoke.svg
calamares usr/share/calamares/branding/manjaro/slideshow/smoke.svg
calamares usr/share/calamares/branding/manjaro/stylesheet.qss
calamares usr/share/calamares/branding/manjaro/welcome/
calamares usr/share/calamares/branding/manjaro/welcome/mascot.svg

Also make sure you have the latest buildiso from our gitlab installed as provided packages in our repos don’t support 3.2.61-3 yet.


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