Calamares cannot install

Is that the reason why it is not connecting automatically now, though I gave the leve system already the password?

Can you please elaborate on what you mean by this? What isn't connecting automatically?

I am missing the tool where I can tell it what screen is left and what is right..... At least it is not in the system menu... There seems to be not much software installed. Why was it 1.2GB then?

The wireless network connection to my cellphone tethering internet was not connecting automatically.

OMG it shows 500 MB of updates. I cannot do that at the moment. What exact guy was it who invented the data quota for cellphone internet? I mean - how can he feel safe?

I don't know the answer to this unfortunately. Usually "Display" or something should be in settings or Manjaro settings somewhere.

This I do not know either. I haven't had issues on KDE or Openbox, could be how the network manager is configured maybe?

Luckily for me, I have a 50GB limit, then my data gets slower afterwards but is still "unlimited". But cellphone internet weren't meant to run computer stuff, and they're trying to have more of a monopoly on internet data. I only tether / hotspot when I really need it, but never to run updates.

Guess I found a good distro what I cannot really use here in the countryside where internet is limited. I ll install it too in my city house on the i7 computer where I have unlimited high speed cable....

Feedback to all of you : The display tool is missing in minimal.

I ll report back in 2020 from the city.

Hello, it is me again. I am now in the other house with unlimited fiber internet. The computer I have here is I7-8700K on MSI H370 Gaming Pro Carbon (32 GB RAM). It is a dual-boot between WIN 10 and Mint. Unlike my other system, this one boots up in UEFI mode, not in BIOS mode.
I cannot get the live medium to boot. Same live medium that DID boot on my dual Xeon system in BIOS mode.
So what is the correct way to boot the live medium in UEFI mode, "UEFI USB KEY", or "UEFI USB CD / DVD", or "USD CD / DVD" or " "USB KEY" ?
I am very confused, since it is a USB key that contains an image of a DVD? So it should be "CD / DVD", right? but it doesn't work....

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