Calamares cannot install

Hello, I am new to Manjaro. I was looking for a distribution with Awesome wm for my HP z620 dual CPU workstation. 2 X E5-2680, 64 GB DDR3, 256 GB SSD, GTX 1060. 2 Screens, one 4k, one 1680 x 1050. I found Manjaro Awesome. Live medium boot works only with free drivers, non free gets stuck. Why?
Under free drivers live system, calamares will fail instantly.

Dieser Computer erfuellt nicht die Mindestvoraussetzungen.... Computer does not fulfill requirements....
Details: Red Cross Green Checkmark Green Checkmark Green Checkmark Red Cross.
None of the checkmarks or crosses has ANY explaining text shown. Why?
What can be the issue?

Sha1 of the 2GB download file was all OK. Internet connection in live system is working by cellphone tethering. So this cannot be an issue. Alos, I doubt, that 64 GB of RAM is too less.. ??

These are the warnings I get when I start calamares from terminal:

WARNING:Required settings.conf key oem setup is missing.
WARNING: Required settings.conf key disable-cancel is missing
WARNING: Required settings.conf key disable-cancel-during-exec is missing
WARNING: Invalid or missing slideshowAPI in branding file
WARNING: The branding component usr share calamares branding manjaro does not ship translations
Partition module does not support userswapChoices setting file
partition module does not support reuse
MachineI d config setting symlink is deprecated, use dbus symlink
Configuring the finished module with deprecated restartNowEnabled settings

Can you post a link to where you downloaded from? Exact ISO link...

There, I clicked on the download link. It is 2GB. Not the "Download minimal".

I suppose it's an old ISO with issues.
Instead of trying to hack that, better use this folder with the latest version.

@codesardine is there an automated way to update the site buttons to the newer released versions?
I know... we are spoiled! :laughing:

I downloaded 18.1.2. So the 18.1.3 has fixes for all those issues? Unfortunately I am on a limited cellphone internet connection.

I am sorry...

Probably, because it's very recent, but I am not sure, so it's your decision.
Maybe wait for someone else to assist on current issues... :man_shrugging:

Got the 1.25GB file ("minimal").
I cannot look at the GB counter anymore without pain. In total I have used > 5GB today for Manjaro, since at the first attempt to get the 2GB file, the transfer got interrupted at - guess what - 1.96GB due to my cellphone getting too hot and Android cancelling the connection AND Opera not being able to resume the download ;(

Now gnome-multi-writer under Mint is preparing the USB key.
BTW: Mint / Ubuntu is great. Only I cannot get the Awesome wm there to work well with the taskbar.
I hate it so much, having to manually resize the windows to fit the screen.

Will report back when I have that live system running.

I hope this is not a permanent situation.
Manjaro (and all rolling release distros) have frequent package updates. A landline Internet connection is a sane requirement. Or you have to make a plan... :man_shrugging:

I highly recommend not using Manjaro if you have limited data, as Manjaro is a rolling release and will use a lot of data to keep everything updated. Partial updates are bad here, and it's not good to not update due to security updates we have.

If you have limited data, I recommend you trying a stable release distro. They are many amazing ones out there.

Installer is RUNNING!!!!! Looks like "sudo calamares" works WAY better than Calamares.


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I am now fully dependent on the installer managing the bootloader well, otherwise my Mint and Windows 7 would be gone.... let s hope....

I have a quota of 20 GB per month and it is shared between Spotify, Youtube, updates etc... I used OVER 5 GB today for manjaro. That is a lot!
Installer says all is well now. I try booting my systems now.

Um... I really don't think that's enough to run Manjaro personally... unless you can run to a public library or free WiFi at a Cafe shop to update Manjaro whenever we have an update.

You can see how often we have updates here:

Remember to use a VPN if using public WiFi

So the whole installed System has what .. 2 GB. And you say 20 GIGABYTES NOT MEGABYTES per month does not suffice ?... You re kidding right?

Depends what you install on your computer. Updates can range about 2GB-5GB per big update. Sometimes more, sometimes less. We have updates around 2-3 times a month. Being selective on updates is not good, due to how dependencies work.

This is because we are a rolling release distro, not a stable release distro.

No other system consumes that many update GB. Not win 7, not my Mint....

Windows 7 & Linux Mint are Stable release, not rolling release

You can still use Manjaro if:

Out of every distro, I love Manjaro the most. But I just want to make sure it's for you as well, because not every distro is for everyone's circumstances.

I liked the rolling idea, but had no idea that it would consume that more GB. Not good.

Bootloader is ok, Win 7 and ubuntu can still boot. Now lets go for Manjaro awesome.....

Do note that after installing Manjaro via the ISO, you might have to run an update to have all your packages up to date right away, because the ISO are stagnant in package versions, which will use more data. If you don't, you could have some security issues if you connect to the web.

You can check if you need updates by using the GUI package manager or going into the terminal and type checkupdates.

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