Calamares and discard option in fstab.

Thanks. Removed "noatime" and "discard" options from my /etc/fstab file and enabled fstrim.timer.

Why did you do that? Did I miss something?

I invite you to look for the effects on inodes, of the different options available from the kernel.
I'm not giving you a link, I think you would easily find it.

Better to replace "noatime" with "relatime" .

First link Arch.
Attention : Monter une partition avec l'option discard est fortement déconseillé car elle est connue pour occasionner la perte de données.
I'm sorry but in France we are confined and my children need the computer for their homework.
unfortunately i can't spend time rereading the articles for you.
I let you search, especially in the very extensive doc of RedHat or others, taking care to check if it is not an old wiki, and you will have your answers. Cordially.
A Monkey In Winter

I have read that noatime can cause problems with some programs and I think that relatime (the default option) can give a good balance between security and performance.

Yes replace not remove :slight_smile:

Thank's Philm :slight_smile:

But if the kernel's default option is to use relatime, why do you need "defaults,relatime" in fstab instead of just "defaults"?

it's a misunderstanding on my part with the translation tools.
You are right, the defaults option included relatime.
Accept my apologies.

Thank you very much for your contribution.



Thank you very much for your involvement in this project.
This requires a lot of availability and time.
Thanks for that.
I know very little distribution or the developers are so quickly listening.
I wish you a good day, even if unfortunately it is in unusual circumstances of confinement.
A Monkey In Winter.


Fast and Furious dev !! :wink:


Putting these two 'fstrim.timer' 'oidentd.socket' in a cinnamon profile neither gets enabled.
Just to be clear they are both in i.e systemctl status fstrim.timer works but it is disabled.
Any idea why?


Is the discard option present in the / etc / fstab?

Please, in a terminal :

sudo systemctl enable --now fstrim.timer

After please make this cmd and give us feedback from:

systemctl status fstrim.timer


No its not I use f2fs and that was never one of the file systems calamares added discard too.
Any idea about oidentd.socket?

You looked at the wiki arch I guess?

I know how to enable it, the problem is when it's in the profile it doesn't and @philm having removed discard in calamares it may not be enabled for any one now?

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