Buildiso - pantheon live iso will not autologin

Hi Hi
I was kind of bored after the last series of SbK spins. I was thinking of adding another spin, pantheon. So I created a profile. using the existing Gnome profile as a base. After some package changes, I got pantheon to build. The problem is that the live environment doesnt autologin. It goes to lightdm. I can login as “manjaro” with the password “manjaro” and it does go to the desktop and everything works.

The manjaro tools git package is up to date. I have tried searching the forum and web, but havent found anything that works. I tried modifying the lightdm per this post and others that said the same thing. Again no autologin.

Thanks in advance for any help


Did you setup autologin in live-overlay?

I copied an existing gnome iso-profile folder that works to the community folder and renamed it to pantheon. I looked at all the files in the profile and did not see anything that enabled autologin for a specific desktop. The profile has displaymanager=“lightdm” as I use lightdm for all my current spins including pantheon. I am not sure what else needs to be setup or changed.

After doing some more searching, I came across a similar problem from 2015 for the Budgie desktop. Pantheon like Budgie in 2015 (gnome.desktop & budgie-desktop) uses the gnome.desktop and pantheon.desktop in /usr/share/xsessions.
Im trying to find the changes made back then in the current manjaro-tools with no luck.

Im going to try adding the options mentioned in that post to the profile.conf and build an iso. Its going to take an hour or so before I find out if it worked.

Yes our tools need to add the support similar to Budgie back then. You may also want to check Calamares code to look for similar support. Pantheon is only partly added to the Arch repos. So which packages did you had to build on your end and may you share your PKGBUILDs of those?

Thanks for confirming that. Im still early in the process of building Pantheon and I’m mostly using packages already in the repositories to make a minimal install iso. Once I get that working I’m sure I will want to add more packages. The pantheon packages that I am using in the repo’s are:


The rest of the the Packages-Desktop was copied from Gnome and then the gnome packages except the shell removed. I have only had to build one package, switchboard-plug-pantheon-tweaks-git, and its from the AUR with no changes.

I have had to do a little “creative workaround”, but at least I now have the pantheon live media autologing.
It took modifying the gnome-session package. Deleted the .desktop files in /usr/share/gnome-session/sessions. Copied the pantheon.desktop file in /usr/share/xsessions and renamed it, and replaced the gnome.desktop files in /usr/share/xsessions. Created a PKGBUILD with the renamed package (gnome-session-sbk) and set the provides and conflicts to gnome-session.
Then added a .dmrc file to /live-overlay/etc/skel that only has this in it.


This workaround should give me time to work on the desktop, themes, packages, and a full iso.