Building KMyMoney Requires qt5 webengine dev package not found in repos

Hi All -
I’ve been building KMyMoney for months if not longer and all of the sudden my build is failing. I emailed their email list and was told I need to get my hands on qt5 webengine dev package.

I found what appears to be the Debian package by doing some searching with DDG.

For the life of me I can’t find anything for Arch/Manjaro. I Have qt5 webengine itself installed but looks like I need the dev version. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

Why not install kmymoney from the community repo?

I build just a few things and I prefer the build. I like reporting directly to the mail list about bugs, like being cutting edge on features, etc… LibreOffice I’m the same way.

If you’re building kmymoney directly from git, then you’ll also need to do the same with the dependencies.

“The Arch way” would by adopting the kmymoney-git AUR package and also creating a qt5-webengine-git package as well.

hm - well the only reason I doubt that is because there are lots of dependencies and I don’t do that for any of the other ones. Like I said, I’ve been building KMyMoney for at least 6+ months in Manjaro without issue. But, I’ll try with the webengine-git. Thanks!