Building A New Desktop - Will Any AMD AM4 Motherboard Work With Manjaro KDE?


Building a new main desktop…
Will any AMD AM4 motherboard work with Manjaro KDE?
Desktop will be AMD CPU and nVidia GPU.
Let me know, thanks!


Yes it should work.

Would below motherboard be good for Manjaro Linux?:

One of my systems is running on an AM4 cpu, so I think yours should too. Do note however, that if you decide to go with an Nvidia gpu, the drivers can be a pain to set up properly.

No. It is one click in Manjaro Setting Manager to install the drivers and not much to do besides configuring the settings then in the Nvidia Settings panel. I would say it is easier to setup Nvidia driver than Intel or AMD, as with Nvidia at least you have a GUI.

@JeZxLee if you want specific products recommendation this is not the place to ask.


Hardware support is determined by what the kernel supports. Desktop Environments (like KDE) are not related. If you want to use relatively newer hardware, then I suggest installing the latest stable kernel (currently 5.17).

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I just picked up a B550M Steel Legend with a Ryzen 5 5600G - and there are absolutely no issues with integrated graphics (nothing to set up, just installed and carefully pulled in configs from my older i3/H87M motherboard installation).

I don’t have an nVidia GPU but I’d say Asus TUF would probably work too.

Regarding NVIDIA drivers, one of the most problematic setups would be an optimus laptop, which is what I have, and unlike any other distro Manjaro boots up at normal speed on the first boot before installing the drivers (due to MHWD I bleieve).

While on Mint, Ubuntu, and Arch I would have to wait for at least 15 minutes before I would see the login screen.

EDIT: Most problematic setup except on Manjaro.