Building a manjaro32 ISO



Bumpy road to create new Manjaro32 ISO

It has not been so immediate, here’s the report

  • manjaro-tools-{base,iso,pkg,yaml)-git are quite old too, yaml version is 0.15.2 and likely isn’t patched for manajro32 because buildiso fail to retrive all packages (as seen before when i686 packages has been moved away from official repos)

  • Apply manjaro-32.patch fail and part of it need to be cut off, then it work
    ==> Avvio di prepare() in corso…
    patching file lib/
    Hunk #3 succeeded at 722 (offset -27 lines).
    patching file lib/
    Hunk #1 FAILED at 221.
    1 out of 1 hunk FAILED – saving rejects to file lib/
    patching file data/pacman-mirrors.conf
    patching file data/manjaro-tools.conf

  • Imagewriter fails to run, a rebuild didn’t solved, on x86_64 start without problem
    $ imagewriter
    Starting up…
    qt5ct: using qt5ct plugin
    Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x50b00) with this library (version 0x50b01)
    Annullato (core dump creato)

  • Calamares need a rebuild against the latest boost-libs

  • `~/.config/manjaro-tools/ is owned by root and iso-profiles.conf was setted to:
    Is normal for both?

[manjaro32] Out-of-date Manjaro package report
Manjaro-tools error

I (or someone) need to spend a bit of time updating the patch for 0.15.8.

There’s a “known issue” with qt5ct and its gtk2 theme. Any other theme works fine. If this is a default in the iso profile then it needs to be changed to e.g. export QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=gtk2.

IIRC Calamares was rebuilt fairly recently - but if boost has had an update since then, then fine, rebuild is needed.

No idea; I haven’t done any iso building work for at least a couple of years.


I believe an i686 iso should now be possible.

I’ve submitted a PR to manjaro-tools to add the x32-* repos as valid branches but it’s a minor change to the installed file so can be done manually:


 @@ -725,6 +725,7 @@ is_valid_arch_iso(){
     case $1 in
         'stable'|'testing'|'unstable') return 0 ;;
+        'x32-stable'|'x32-testing'|'x32-unstable') return 0 ;;
         *) return 1 ;;

You’ll need to install archlinux32-keyring on your build system so the package signatures will validate.

Then, run a:

buildiso -b x32-stable -a i686 -k linux414 -p xfce

or if you’re feeling adventurous:

buildiso -b x32-testing -a i686 -k linux419 -p xfce

and Stuff Will Happen™.

I’m in the middle of testing this so we’ll see if it works.

Also need to remove references to catalyst and (plain) nvidia in iso-profiles/shared/Packages-Mhwd.

Seems to work fine, at least under Virtualbox:


I still had no time to fix mhwd and other stuff for manjaro32. I might be able to do so later this week. @jonathon: looking good so far.


It looks like you’ve been doing some work as I haven’t had to edit any profiles for my other spin test. :slight_smile:

How do I get upload rights to the manjaro32 OSDN area? I should be able to upload a new x32-testing branch installer image tomorrow.


Good, I’ll make some test this weekend


you need to have an osdn account there. also upload your ssh-key. let either Bernhard or me know to add you there.


I’m getting errors depending on which kernel I choose.

buildiso -b x32-testing -a i686 -k linux414 -p xfce

with 4.19 I get

error: target not found: linux419-rt3562sta
error: target not found: linux419-catalyst
error: target not found: linux419-nvidia
error: target not found: linux419-rt3562sta
error: target not found: linux419-catalyst
error: target not found: linux419-nvidia
  -> Copying mhwd package cache ...
building file list ... done

sent 16 bytes  received 12 bytes  56.00 bytes/sec
total size is 0  speedup is 0.00
==> ERROR: File '/var/lib/manjaro-tools/buildiso/xfce/i686/mhwdfs/opt/pkg/*pkg*z' not found.
==> No packages modified, nothing to do.
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in make_image_mhwd().
 --> overlayfs umount: [/var/lib/manjaro-tools/buildiso/xfce/i686/mhwdfs]

which I assume is missing kernel modules. These aren’t needed by my system.

With 4.14 I get

  -> Running build hook: [keymap]
==> Generating module dependencies
==> Creating xz-compressed initcpio image: /boot/initramfs.img
bsdcpio: Failed to set default locale
==> Image generation successful
cp: cannot stat '/var/lib/manjaro-tools/buildiso/xfce/i686/bootfs/boot/amd-ucode.img': No such file or directory
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in make_image_boot().
 --> overlayfs umount: [/var/lib/manjaro-tools/buildiso/xfce/i686/bootfs]

I found and disbled the amd_ucode copy. That was my last hurdle to building an ISO based on 4.14.


you can edit the following file to comment out missing kernel modules listed above that your system doesn’t actually need:


put a # in front of an entry line to comment it out and save the changes


Please always have the latest iso-profiles from our gitlab repos:

Also linux419 is still experimental used on i686 branch.