Building a Linux PC

Hey guys I have decided to build a PC so I have 2 questions

  1. I don’t know which graphic card to buy for linux which supports out of the box for any distro either arch based or fedora. I need the graphic card for work and occasional gaming. Price does not matter so plz list all/any graphic card for linux distro
  2. how is hidpi monitors compatible with linux. Planning to buy either Samsung g7 or LG CX TV/Monitor
    I definitely need clarification on these things

Rule of thumb amd graphics card are better for linux. Most nvidia cards work fine but if you go amd you don’t have to worry about installing/updating nvidia drivers.

With hidpi I have a 4k laptop that I run in hidpi settings with no problem


But I also heard that amd have driver issues. Planning to buy rx580 if there is severe driver issues or rx6800xt if none bcoz i dont want to invest more if I am going to face problems

I have been running a Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX 580 since last summer. No problems, everything works out of the box. I am thrilled (previously also had only NVIDIA, ran, but also worried). However, the RX 580, as well as probably many other cards, at the moment unaffordable.

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So can I buy rx6800xt since I plan to use only one PC i.e, linux and windows both on a separate disk and I dont want to assemble another PC for windows separately and i dont want to buy 2 graphic cards. Planning to have best compatibility out of both Oses. I am planning to buy after the prices are down

I don’t know if this is already supported by the driver. The RX 580 is at least quite old and drivers do not cause any problems.

OK. Can u tell me how can I check the driver compatibility then

Best guess AFAIK.
Separate Manjaro partition for /home saves health…

This can only be answered by people who have experience with this card.

edit: As a rule of thumb, however, do not use brand-new hardware if possible, as this increases the risk of having problems with drivers. I don’t know right now how new the rx6800xt is …

The AMD website states it supports Linux x86_64

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