Build package from specific commit


I am trying to rebuild the Anbox-git from a specific commit, but no amount of search-fu is giving me answers. I want to use the commit from before here

but I am not sure how to use pamac to choose this specific version.

How do I achieve that?

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git clone 
cd anbox-git
git checkout 0c9a9385694e680f5b277ca6f9326ad5d5df7dd3
makepkg -si

Install missing packages if needed and install resulted .pkg.tar.zst package :wink:


Thanks for your solution Tomek, I went another way and it seems to have also solved the missing drivers.

Go here

Download this

Uncompress it. Rename the folder to: anbox-git

cd into anbox-git

Now run: pamac build

This will build the AUR package in the fake chroot

You mean a fakeroot environment which is not the same as fakechroot. :wink:

See chroot - ArchWiki and Creating packages - ArchWiki

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