Build Manjaro ISOs with buildiso


The links on the bottom point in no way.

I hope to build x86 ISO like arm ISO.

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Two of those links had to point to … Now is all corrected.

It works, I wrote this message with the iso image I built.

Question, why is this kernel install ?

Kernel: x86_64 Linux 5.4.150-1-MANJARO

why not the last one 5.14 ?

post scriptum : sound and video are working well

Om guessing it installs a lts kernel by default to make sure an EOL kernel doesn’t get installed

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Provide the kernel argument when building the iso

buildiso -p xfce -k linux514

To have a more permanent setting

cp -R /etc/manjaro-tools ~/.config/manjaro-tools

Then edit the manjaro-tools.conf and set which kernel you will use - you can always override using commandline argument.


OK, I’ll try as soon as possible.
If I set with 510 the image will be created with the 5.10.70 LTS ? Right ?
I refereed to the Manjaro settings manager kernel manager

I did, it works

buildiso -f -p kde -b stable -k linux514

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