Build iso with custom timezone

Hello, as the title says, I have been trying to build an image with a custom default timezone, among other things**, before installation.

What I’ve tried so far:
. copied localtime symlink into /live-overlay/etc/ > failure*
. copied timeszone file that symlink points to into /live-overlay/etc/ and renamed it to localtime > failure*
. copied localtime symlink from live image after changing timezone into /live-overlay/etc/ > failure*

The desktop I am using for my custom iso is kde plasma, if that matters, I’m not sure if it does.
I am out of ideas. Any help is appreciated.

*by failure, I mean the timezone being set to UTC(the default) when booting into the newly created images.
**I was able to successfully add wallpapers and change packages thanks to the wiki.

Maybe you need to run hwclock?

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Thank you for trying to help me, but it did not work.

What I am trying to do is to have a Manjaro iso image pre-configured with my favorite software, wallpaper, and timezone, so that I can quickly test software and scripts without touching my main system.
If it can not be done(the timezone part), I am willing to accept that fact, and keep changing it manually. All I wanted was convenience.

Once more, even tho your solution did not work, I appreciate that you tried to help me, and for that I am grateful.