[BUGs report] just little ones (rpi4 kde)

Hey! My first post ever
Begginner brazilian user here.

Little bugs ive found (this is the right place to report right? i never used github):

  • First, congratulations to the manjaro team! :grinning: KDE runs lovely in my sd card as main computer with no overclocking and almost zero tweaks like h264ify extension, flathub and libreoffice translations. I didnt tried Ubuntu much because manjaro filled 99% my needs out of the box (even cellphone integration, printer and a easy plugin in pacman for google drive in dolphin). *TwisterOS integration with wine, box86, steam and chromium media edition seems nice too.

  • My old monitors didnt worked. (AOC Aoc E1659fwu and another aoc 913Fw)

Im using my tv for two whole months just fine, and i understand it would be hard to go after it… i will try the manjaro and ubuntu drives auto detection tools, but even in raspbian an engineer maked his work after loooots of coding *im actualy thinking in change portable monitors with some neighboor! $$$

  • My dongle mouse freezes about three times a day. It aint a problem for me because kde restarts in two minutes but if other users are experiencing it i could give more info. I suspect it happens after half hour of use, when the pc tries to process something more complex like some websites. *the keyboard dont freeze and allows to save documents. ive configured autosaves and my browser to save open tabs to easy the restarts to fix the mouse

  • There is a little bug in the kde app laucher. I could easily categorize my apps, but it doesnt let it save the configs. Standart categorization is fine as well.

  • As i dont have a webcam, i found it easy to use my smartphone as cam in google meet. OBS asked for “driver”, didnt tried similar recording programs yet (anyone recomend me one?)

  • ive experienced sd corruptions in days with energy instability. i know there is not much you guys could to do there… im using another flash drive for files, clouds and deja dup (i sugest this program could come with the system iso). Also, maybe energy saving screensaver should come out of the box to x64 version. in arm, i suspect it drained my wireless keyboard before i configure the auto shutdown. Redshift (eye protection app) and the similarnative kde configuration didnt worked also.

  • For audio production, im going to beggin my tweakings soon. Didnt cheked yet if raspberry pi 4 acepts real time kernels. Also, my audacity seems to strugle to process long audios from the mic (didnt checked why yet, small audios worked fine). The mixer program Jack didnt worked out of the box like ubuntu studio, but im learning and think i could learn how to fixed it by myself later. I found almost all programs i needed, except some like rakarrack natron etc.

Thanks again for the superb system!
Rafa ‘jocker’ (cadeiradorafael)

I cannot comment on the other issues. For using the smartphone as an webcam ( and microphone) you can use Droidcam. See this forum post for more details.

If anyone search for this topic, i found some fixes:

  • the microsoft wi-fi mouse still freezes sometimes, but an easy workaround is to remove and plug the dongle.

  • OBS studio dont work “out of the box” but works on raspberry pi os, but manjaro have the effective simplescreenrecorder (records ok but dont stream i guess). I imagine it could run someday with drivers improvements

  • im still using the smartphone as a webcam with great sucess, and im thinking about buying an cheap raspberry camera (my smartphone drain the battery in 4h of cam usage)

Regarding this, I’m pretty sure Raspberry Pi OS, uses the vendor GPU drivers, which are non-free, but support higher OpenGL.
The open source driver we use, only uses up to OpenGL 2 I think, which might not be enough for OBS to just record the screen

$ glxinfo | grep -i opengl

OpenGL vendor string: Broadcom
OpenGL renderer string: V3D 4.2
OpenGL version string: 2.1 Mesa 20.3.4
OpenGL shading language version string: 1.20
OpenGL extensions:
OpenGL ES profile version string: OpenGL ES 3.1 Mesa 20.3.4
OpenGL ES profile shading language version string: OpenGL ES GLSL ES 3.10
OpenGL ES profile extensions:

Are you saying the 3.1 is not used? Or maybe I misunderstand what this is saying.

This mean, only up to OpenGL 2.1 is used.

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