Bugs in new xfce-4.16

ooover long item, no good. Please fixed it.


in addition, the context menu flashes when you open Explorer or other programs from the desktop menu

Have you considered reported the issues to the developers of the XFCE project?

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What @strit is trying to say is:

  • The Manjaro Team pulls XFCE from “Upstream” and doesn’t fix any XFCE bugs downstream to push them back upstream.
  • This is the place to go to for things like this.


In addition to the redirecting answers, how much do you pay for the fix ?

(I am always amazed of the demanding tone of some OP who feel it’s “due”)

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Not everyone is aware of the intricate details of the Linux “Community” nor is their English necessarily good enough to allow them being extremely polite and amiable.

Therefore I’ve updated my famous:

to include this specific unclarity just a few minutes ago…

Пожалуйста, прочтите руководство. Английский простой. :+1:

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Я не говорю по-русски

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You can ‘fix’ this by creating a template in /home/test/Шаблоны

I created 2 templates on my system in /home/nik/Templates for creating a BASH script or HTML file

xfce templates




<!DOCTYPE html> 




What then is the point of making a distribution kit (talking about manjaro) if the collector cannot just take the thunar code and delete one line in it? About collecting and releasing a release with unfinished and crooked xfce - I generally keep quiet.

With the same success I can install arch and it will have exactly the same bugs as in Manjaro. Then what can you offer users besides the green icon in the whisker menu and the whisker wallpaper?

I don’t want to offend anyone. Just think about it. Manjaro should be an improved arch, not just the same but with different wallpapers.

  • Internal testing: more stable than Arch
  • mhwd: easier proprietary driver installs
  • mhwd-kernel: easier kernel management
  • pamac: easier CLI than pacman

For a full list of the Mannjaro utilities, have a look here

But it’s still Arch-based, so if you find bugs, file them upstream as the Manjaro Team is not Canonical and their only revenue stream is from donations and merchandise and all of them do this in their free time…

If you want a commercial distro, get RHEL or Ubuntu…


Do you still are so candid ?

@nam1962 : you were right…but even under the reality :slight_smile:
@Fabby : i cannot imagine a human answering me as @meow did. I am sure he will ask you to pay him or to reimburse him for the time spending on Manjaro… please do something with him.

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I can confirm that. I also use a translator (DeepL) because my English is very poor. Sometimes when I read it back, I realize that something else came out than I intended. Every language has different subtleties.

This is more than offending. This is really unacceptable. If i had the power to do it i would ban you.
People here spend all their free time making the best possible distro for people like you.
They spend all their evenings, weekends, holidays…always for free.
You are free to try another distro and you will see if it’s better.
In the name of the Team here (even if i am not part of the Team), any apologizes from you would be more than welcome.

You missed the bootloader?

Hmmm the custom .zshrc - install Arch and there’s literally NOTHING.

Do yourself a favour, get a couple of USB’s. Go and try out 1. Arch 2. Garuda 3. EndeavourOS. 4. PopOS 5. Ubuntu

Come back in a couple of months and let us know where you ended up :wink:

I agree with you…
Linux sucks.
Manjaro sucks.
Windows sucks.
Computers suck.

Just some suck a bit less than others, and we can make do with some more than we can make do with others.

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I guess your knowledge about rolling release distributions is very limited as well as about distribution maintaining and software developing. It’s much more complicated and time-consuming than deleting one line of code especially when the team is small and work on very limited resources. I suggest doing research in that topics.

What you understand by “improved”? Did a set of Manjaro tools, system and kernel tweaking are not enough? Besides, Manjaro its own thing it doesn’t need to be “better” or “worse” than Arch Linux.

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Ребята, извиняюсь перед Вами, наверное я наговорил лишнего.

Hey, I’m sorry! I was only asking why…


In english, I don’t speak russian


That’s why you don’t have that power: when in doubt whether something is based on ignorance or malignance, always assume ignorance!



That’s why you don’t have that power: when in doubt whether something is based on ignorance or malignance, always assume ignorance!

You have more wisdom than me, for sure :slight_smile:

@nam1962 and me have had the same thought about him…but why ? Huh !!! We are both french, that is maybe the explanation :grin:

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