Bug with ping in the new Manjaro KDE install media

I am trying to ping google with the following command

ping google.com:heavy_check_mark:

and i get this error

zsh: correct ‘ping’ to ‘_ping’ [nyae]?

Been using linux for many years first time i ever see this error…

This has to be an issue with the new ISO

My other manjaro systems with the latest updates run ping just fine

Been using Manjaro on 3 Desktops and 1 laptop for over 1 year…

I recently decided to upgrade 2 Desktops and did a fresh install
I used the new KDE ISO (NON minimal) downloaded here

the only thing i have done is run
pamac checkupdates -a && pamac update -a && pamac install dkms flameshot etcher simple-scan syncthing discord wireguard-tools xsel remmina freerdp gamemode lib32-gamemode libreoffice-fresh tmux iperf iperf3 ethtool gnu-netcat gparted ncdu screenfetch neofetch perl-image-exiftool easytag kid3 mediainfo mediainfo-gui qt5-serialport jre-openjdk hunspell-en_US wine virt-manager qemu vde2 iptables-nft dnsmasq bridge-utils openbsd-netcat edk2-ovmf swtpm virtualbox virtualbox-guest-iso linux516-virtualbox-host-modules


pamac build google-chrome woeusb-ng mangohud lib32-mangohud brother-mfc-9340cdw brscan4 icaclient corectrl minecraft-launcher zoom gpu-viewer teamviewer ttf-ms-fonts ttf-vista-fonts mqtt-explorer youtube-dl netextender virtualbox-ext-oracle

Not a bug. Install the iputils package:

sudo pacman -S iputils 

This package was removed accidentally but now has been corrected:

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thank you for the response