Bug? uname/lsb output looks wrong?

❯ uname -pi; lsb_release                                                                                # ~
unknown unknown
LSB Version:    n/a

this all seems wrong, if it’s not could someone explain why it’s not?

Hi Xenoterracide,

Welcome to the forum! This looks exactly like the answer you are looking for.


Hi @xenoterracide,
The useful commands are the following:
uname -a
lsb_release -a

You can see them in the man pages from the terminal.

Hope it help, regards

well that explains why those 2 return nothing, but not why lsb_release is returning n/a. Mostly concerned (but haven’t tested yet) because yadm relies on lsb_release first.

Did you try with lsb_release -a ?

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