[BUG] Unable to boot raspberry pi 4 with the unstable update of raspberrypi-bootloader

With the latest update of raspberrypi-bootloader and raspberrypi-bootloader-x the raspberry just displays the splash screen and nothing more.
I'm booting from usb.

I am not having that issue. I tested on my 32bit and 64bit images. I am at a loss.

I did not test on usb. Fixing to test it now.

My usb drive booted ok also.

I have downloaded the previous version so i just pasted manually the previous version files and boot again. Maybe it's something wrong with my configuration?

initramfs initramfs-linux.img followkernel

#enable sound

#enable vc4


It looks ok I guess. If you are using our default image the gpu_mem is a little high. We have gpu_mem=64 when using V3D.

kernel=kernel8.img does no need to be specified but should work.

These I do not know about you could disable and see what happens.


Your config really looks some what different from our default config.txt. Might want to post your cmdline.txt also.

If you are using the pi4 you need this instead. vc4-kms-v3d is very experimental and is for the pi3's only:



These are for the argonone box, to control the fan.

The cmdline.txt

root=LABEL=ROOT_MNJRO rootfstype=ext4 rw rootwait console=ttyAMA0,115200 console=tty1 selinux=0 plymouth.enable=0 smsc95xx.turbo_mode=N dwc_otg.lpm_enable=0 kgdboc=ttyAMA0,115200 elevator=noop snd-bcm2835.enable_compat_alsa=0

Are you using the pi4. If so change to:


Disable those lines and also tried with the fake kms, but no luck. Also the kms works if i have install xf86-video-fbdev and xf86-video-fbturbo-git.

You never said if you are using a pi4.

I putted in the title and forget to put it again in the description. :sweat_smile:

That is the wrong command line for that for the pi4 for that mode if you are using the later kernels. That is for the pi3's only. Should be:


And that mode is still considered to be experimental and a work in progress for the RPi people.

No luck with




I even remove the pacman cache to re-download the packages in case the file where corrupted and nothing...
The raspberry just shows the splash screen and from time to time the green led blinks, but no the one from the dist. I don't have an sd right now (the one i have decided to die) so i can't test if it boots from sd...

At this point I am inclined to think something is corrupted in you boot partition. Guessing your usb drive is powering on?

I don't think that's the case, if i manually put the previous version files it boots...

Sometimes takes a few retries to pass the boot screen, but what it's making here it pass the first screen but gets stuck in the next (the splash screen that test if the raspberry graphics are working)

I think maybe this is related: https://github.com/raspberrypi/firmware/issues/1420

Interesting. Strange that there is no issue here. Do you have the older files to put in your boot partition to test. If not I can give you a tarball.

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