[BUG] rspamd 2.5-2 gives a core dump on start

Good to know. I had compiled the latest when we had issues trying to get it to work. I pushed the latest kernel versions for all linux-rpi-* kernels to unstable if you want to test. They seemed to load up here but I do not have a mail server set up.

Might want to test as it will eventually make it to the stable branch.

linux-rpi4 5.4.68-1

Also the upgraded raspberry pi bootloader files are there also. These always get upgraded when the 5.4 kernel gets upgraded. They are good for all pi kernels but are tied to what the RPi folks consider their latest stable branch. Development work is done on this branch and pushed to the other branches as needed:

raspberrypi-bootloader 20200928-1
raspberrypi-bootloader-x 20200928-1