[BUG] RPI4 missing 5ghz WiFi

Hey there, when I look for wifi on my raspberry pi 4, I can only find 2.4ghz bands. I tried raspbian and it was detecting 5ghz just fine, but when I go back to manjaro it doesn't recognise it. I have properly set my country code and even tried different desktop environments to no avail. (If it helps I use KDE mainly)

If you can access your router settings set the 5 GHz chanel to 36 or 40. Sometimes lowering the bandwidth helps as well.

I had this problem as well, my raspberry pi 4 couldn't see my 5GHz wireless AC network on band 157 when I installed Manjaro 19.12. I found out that the ARM edition of Manjaro did not have the wireless-regdm and crda packages installed by default. Once I installed those two packages, I set the CRDA domain using sudo iw reg set US and I could see my network.

I also uncommented my country code in the /etc/conf.d/wireless-regdom so that the settings persisted and updated the /lib/firmware/brcmfmac43455-sdio.bin wireless firmware file with the new one for the Raspberry Pi 4 for improved reliability as mentioned here . Hope that helps.


Good catch. I get so used to those packages being installed by default on other editions that I never expect they will be missing.

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