[Bug Report] Pamac 10 (Latest master) Segmentation fault

Reproducible Steps:

  1. Run pamac-manager
  2. Go to Installed tab
  3. In View select Orphans option
  4. Click on any package
  5. Click Mark as explicitly installed
  6. Go Back
  7. Click any other package
  8. Pamac-manager crashes with segmentation fault

Coredump Info

   Signal: 11 (SEGV)
   Command Line: pamac-manager
   Executable: /usr/bin/pamac-manager
            Stack trace of thread 2927:
            #0  0x00007f1f8857b79d alpm_pkg_get_makedepends (libalpm.so.12 + 0x1d79d)
            #1  0x00007f1f89451237 pamac_alpm_package_linked_real_get_makedepends (libpamac.so + 0x1b237)
            #2  0x00005574cbd9e248 pamac_manager_window_set_package_details (pamac-manager + 0x23248)
            #3  0x00005574cbdaa600 pamac_manager_window_on_packages_listbox_row_activated (pamac-manager + 0x2f600)

$ pamac --version Pamac  10.0.4-3.1

I thought to debug it a little bit so as to find root cause of this bug. PFA attached the screenshot and logs during debugging.

Let me know if any further details are required

You should report this bug to the issue tracker on gitlab:

Bug #985

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