[Bug report] No return to the line in the terminal first line

Hi all !

First : I’m using the testing branch of the Manjaro Arm Sway Edition (Kernel 5.4.77-1-MANJARO-ARM) on my RPi4.

This edition is amazing but I found a bug (since the fresh install with the stable branch) when using the terminal : if the first line of a command is too long (~2/3 of the terminal width, the command writing continues at the beginning of the first line overwriting the prompt and the start of the command. This is quite annoying even if not vital.

I hope this report can help !

Must be a sway thing…

Not happening on my DE.

Hey, thanks for your feedback to the Sway image.

This is an issue of the Silver bash prompt we are using by default in the Sway image and has been addressed already: Line wrapping issue with silver in termite (using bash) · Issue #58 · reujab/silver · GitHub. We are just waiting for a new release of the project to update the version shipped with the Sway image. Alternatively you may be able to update it with a more recent version from AUR or remove the Silver prompt altogether (check your .bashrc).

I think I’ll move to zsh using oh-my-zsh. Thanks for your answer.

Should I wait for the update to mark this as solved ?

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