[Bug report] KDE ISO RC 2 gets stuck on boot (VMWare VM)

In the hope that this catches the eye of someone on the development team…

The latest KDE ISO 21.1 RC2 (manjaro-kde-21.1-210723-linux513.iso) has a bug where it gets stuck during boot in a MHWD script in a VMWare Virtual Machine.

I know VMWare is an unsupported platform, but just in case it has an easy solution, because RC1 (manjaro-kde-21.1-stable-staging-minimal-210720-linux513.iso) works fine in the same virtual machine.

There is a workaround.

At the ISO Grub menu - edit the default entry and add the number three (3) to the kernel command line.

Then login as manjaro:manjaro and run startx

Thanks. Yeah, I suppose there are workarounds, but also I suppose this is the kind of thing that should work by default :wink:

It is not that a need to boot that ISO. It’s just I noticed the problem and I am trying to file a bug report :slight_smile:

We had an issue with VirtualBox config, which hopefully is solved by now. However, we have to see about VMWare once more, which uses the same config.

At least, when I tested on Virtualbox everything went fine.

This was finally handled here: KDE ISO 21.1 RC 2 gets stuck on boot (VMWare VM) · Issue #12 · manjaro/release-review · GitHub

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