Bug Report: KDE Connect appstream-link does not work

Hi there,

i recognized an issue with an appstream-link:

KDE provides al list of all there available apps online: KDE-Anwendungen. This includes KDE Connect: KDE Connect - KDE-Anwendungen They also provdie “Install on Linux Buttons” which I guess are appstream-links, which get handled by Discover (at least on my System). So I tested a bunch of those buttons, but when I click the one from KDE Connect, it does not work:

When I follow the Button to report the Bug, it brings me to the following page: https://bugs.manjaro.org/ which seems to be a copy of the main page of manjaro website. As there was no information on where to file a bug instead, I wanted to leave a bug report here.


Were do I find that button bugs.manjaro.org?

[aafsmarak@hpnotebook ~]$ cat /etc/os-release 
NAME="Manjaro Linux"
PRETTY_NAME="Manjaro Linux"

i found https://bugs.manjaro.org/ in my /etc/os-release

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The Button is inside Discover, the read circled one:

It sais “report this bug” but in german.

Thanks for the link to the bug reporting!

And that points to https://bugs.manjaro.org/ ?

Exactly :+1:

Maybe the appstream link doesn’t work because kde-connect is not on flathub.
What is the output of

pacman -Qs packagekit-qt5


pacman -Qs packagekit-qt5

Outputs this:

local/packagekit-qt5 1.0.2-1
    Qt5 bindings for PackageKit

But it does not seem to be related to flathub availability. At least there is another application called Krfb which is also not available on flathub, but the appstream-link works as expected with discover, showing the page to install the application.

Uninstall packagekit-qt5, it can cause breakage by landing the user in a partial update situation.
See: FS#58524 : [discover] Make packagekit-qt5 a required dependency so that it finds apps by default

Uninstall packagekit-qt5

This didn’t resolve the issue and removed the ability to install any packages (beside flathub and snaps) from discover, so I won’t.

It can break your system during updates.