Bug report - After last (today) forum engine update we I lost the ability of edited post to be live-refreshed

Before today’s update If to make a post and to edit it I saw the post’s live update: I submitted a new content of edited post and saw the post content changes live on a page in a second-two after submission.

Now I need to refresh the page (F5) to see an updated content of my post, it does not changes live anymore.

I did not change browser engine and exactly web browser did not receive any updates.

$ pacman -Qi opera | grep Ver
Version         : 80.0.4170.63-1

in-browser console (if I get the right field):


Live updates works after 5 min interval period (when +1 edition to a post adding, but live update does not work within that 5 min interval of non +1 edition period).

works at least for new non-edited posts

I remember that earlier posts has a 10-char limit of minimum length.
Now it is 6. So different forum categories has different configs or settings got some non-optimised defaults or has “improper setup”.


test one

test two

It works for me instantly.

Firefox user here.

test three → four → this edit doesn’t update now

test more

and again

Hm, I never saw that effect here for a year at least: I saw that sometimes non-live updates lack only now. I did not change my web browser engine settings also.

year, omano I see your editions live.

Strange thing. But I posted here after about a 5 times saw that lack for me for after edition of my posts.

I saw your at least up to

Firefox user here.

test three → four → this edit doesn’t update now

there was about 5 editions

I had to refresh to see your message, and my last edits, it was showing you were writing it but only showed when I refreshed, but it could be just perfect timing too.

Possible that ad blocker or other extension blocks something, need to try with fresh browsers.

Anyway, better to warn to make others to pay attention to this also.

OK, I did Ctrl+F5 for every (about 20 opened with manjaro forum) tabs for 2 time in a row for each and again restart the browser. Now should not be the cache problem. Will see.

I don’t have an ad blocker. I’ve also noticed the edits don’t appear without refreshing the page.

On the same


It looks like for me it works.
Probably that was a cache problem.
I removed all stuff by Ctrl+Shift+Del including cookies several times, did browser restart and looks like it greate again, but with about 2 seconds delay.

Before today the deay was about 0.5 second.

For now looks like solved for me.

Before the update to 2.8.0.beta7, occasionly on desktop and mobile edits would not appear right away without a refresh. It’s apparently a local caching issue which you just discovered.

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