[BUG] Pinebook pro - Can't configure virtual Desktops vertically

When trying to configure 2 virtual desktops on plasma the the changes are not taken into consideration. 2 Virtual desktops on a row works but not on two separated rows(Desktop 1 on row 1- Deaktop 2 on row 2).

Step to reproduce:
-go to system settings->Desktop behaviors->Virtual Desktops
-Add a new Virtual desktop
-Select 2 rows and Apply
Sometimes when applying it even crash Kwin.

Once clicked apply the virtual desktop titles will disappear and if you close the windows a go back to the same settings nothing ha taken effect except for adding the second virtual desktop but it will always be on a single row.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • What device are you using?
    Pinebook pro

  • What edition of Manjaro-ARM is installed? (eg minimal, server, etc.)
    The factory vestion that came with it. (the latest batch june 2020)
    Manjaro-ARM 20.06

  • When did you last run updates and reboot?

  • What package contains the bug?

  • Any workarounds or known fixes?

I can confirm this also exists on Manjaro-ARM for the Raspberry Pi 4, on Manjaro-ARM 20.06.

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