[BUG] Pinebook Pro - after update laptop shows battery always charging

After last big batch of updates for Pinebook Pro, KDE Plasma 5.18.2 now shows battery as always charging in a user session and not accurate anymore. It takes a reboot to get battery updated. Login screen shows battery correctly.

The update included new 5.6 kernel and firmware package.

I am also using pbp on stable branch and updated to the latest and I don't have any such issue.
Currently I am writing this post from my PBP while have the right battery level.
Here a screenshot attached.

I would say please drain the battery and put it to charge until full and then try to use the device. Doing a power cycle might help.

Please report back if that doesn't help.

So, doing power cycle didn't help. system recognize difference between fully charged battery, but still does not switch to discharging :frowning:

Unfortunately looks like it's not a Manjaro Bug per se. Tried testing and unstable branches, no changes. Tried booting a default OS from microSD, same issue with DC charger recognized as Online all the time. Found this thread from a while ago, but no solution there...

Hm, I'll take that back. I've downloaded and re-installed from scratch Manjaro ARM 20.02 to the eMMC. Right after installation battery status was perfectly fine, showing estimate and discharging. After running update of all the packages it went back to "Always charging". I would assume it's some firmware that comes along with the updates.

Good to hear that your problem is solved.
Thanks for reporting back.

No, it's actually not solved. If anything my initial report is correct. Some package in a delta between 20.02 release and latest update breaks the battery. My best guess is that it's a firmware package. The kernel is the same as far as I can tell.

So, this problem is actually driving me crazy :frowning: partially because it's only happening on my machine and it's happening in a reproductive manner...

I've downloaded latest image 20.02.1 and it's also working properly after installation. There are not that many updates available after fresh installation and from the usual suspects there are only linux-firmware and linux-pinebookpro-5.6 kernel.

Pacman is really painful to learn and to use, so I couldn't find a good way to play around with packages versioning. I've tried adding both those packages to the ignore list, but they still got updated and /var/cache/pacman/pkg only contains newer version of packages, so I don't know how to downgrade those to pinpoint exact package that causes the problem.

Is there any advice how to properly try different version? I don't have any data on a laptop right now, so I can re-image it as required, but I'd appreciate any help to solve this most annoying problem.

So...finally pinned pointed it to...5.6 kernel package!

Here we can see last package not updated from clean 20.02.1 installation, running kernel 5.5.0-3.1 and battery indicator showing discharging, as expected.

After installing 5.6.0-0.4 kernel battery already shows as charging

Installing latest kernel 5.6.0-0.42 from "testing" has no effect (and as far as I saw the changed, it shouldn't).

@spikerguy I'm wondering whether your pinebook pro is from 1st or 2nd batch?

Mine is 1st batch that's why I am not able to reproduce this issue.
Maybe @PINE64 can test it and share his feedback once he have some free time.

I installed Manjaro 20.02 on the eMMC, did the update and I don't see this issue.
Tested with Pinebook Pro ANSI model.

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@spikerguy so, is there anything I can help with to dig up the problem? Is it possible to get back to 5.5 kernel and lock it?

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