[BUG] Manjaro ARM lxqt rpi3 19.04 2 Notifications on login "cannot be registered"

This is essentially a report of this issue here but for manjaro:
Which was resolved in these changes:

The following errors occur with every login with Manjaro ARM lxqt rpi3 19.04:
lxqt-panel: Show Desktop: Global shortcut 'Control+Alt+D' cannot be registered
lxqt-panel: Volume Control: The following shortcuts can not be registered: 'XF86AudioMute'

community/lxqt-panel 0.14.1-1 (642.3 KiB 3.4 MiB) [lxqt] (Installed)

Let me know if you need anymore information :slight_smile:

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Can you verify the changes are a fix?

Good question, I'll be trying these when I get time to! I thought it'd be best to post here in case it's something simple or obvious

I still havent been able to put together a station for deving the ARM stuff, so I dont know.
Someone else will check. Thanks for reporting.
Oh yeah, may as well call @Strit and @GrayJack :wave:

Hrm, this may be in some way related to an issue we are having on the pinebook with setting shortcuts for the brightness. Let me know the results of any tests. Over the next few days I will probably revisit this issue. Im not familiar with lxqt but it seems there are some conflicts with their shortcuts settings and the configuration files for the DE itself. Its on the list so I will also check in on these.

Thanks for that, I'll be picking up a pi3 B+ for home at some point soon, this has all been for my work monitoring setup (powers a TV with various dashboards, works great!)

Once I get that i'll be happy to try whatever on it, however for the work pi i'm being far more conservative with experimenting (using manjaro lxqt was already pushing it lol)

Wondering where these error messages are showing up at. On my pi3b and pi3b+ I can not find them. I searched dmesg, journalctl and Xorg log.

The plot thickens, nothing has changed from when I posted this, but the messages didn't appear today when I booted the device, wonder if it's a race condition

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