[BUG] Localization (Translate error)

To whom it may concern,
I am using the Traditional Chinese version of Manjaro GNOME edition, testing branch
Whenever I type pamac install <application package> it comes up with the characters 正在檢查內部衝途 (corresponding to checking for internal conflicts in English) which there is a significant wrong character
The last Han character should be
This has been an issue for many years but no one ever notices it. I really don't believe that what the translators are actually doing. It even happens in the testing and unstable branch. The typo is still not fixed! When I go to the GitHub page of pamac it tells me that the repository has been archived, so it is read-only and I cannot file an issue there. This is why I come here to make the developers know. I hope that you can make the locales better in the future. Much appreciated!

From a Manjaro user

Translations of Pamac

If it is part of libalpm, you might want to translate pacman.

There is no problem with pacman; But when I install AUR packages with pamac this issue occurs.

Then check our translations ...

That has been translated but no one review it
I changed it to the correct one

But in the terminal it has not changed yet

If it hasn't been reviewed then it won't be included in the application's translations.

Maybe this is an opportunity to join the translation team? :wink:

This is an error for 5 YEARS but no one spots it. Sigh!

Well, it seems you only updated Taiwanese. What about the other Chinese languages? It will be merged in 9.4.1 release of Pamac.

Firstly I have to say it is not Taiwanese. You must have messed up Taiwanese and Traditional Chinese.
These are totally different languages. It will cause ambiguous meanings.
Would I please ask which variant of Taiwan languages are you talking about? There are a lot of variants and dialects in the Taiwan region.
Taiwanese can also mean the Latin-based language of Mountain Indigenous People in Taiwan
As Wikipedia states

Latin alphabet is native to Formosan languages and partially native to Taiwanese Hokkien and Hakka. With the early influences of European missionaries, writing systems such as Sinckan Manuscripts, Pe̍h-ōe-jī, and Pha̍k-fa-sṳ were based on in Latin alphabet. Currently the official Writing systems of Formosan languages are solely based on Latin and maintained by the Council of Indigenous Peoples. The Ministry of Education also maintains Latin based systems Taiwanese Romanization System for Taiwanese Hokkien, and Taiwanese Hakka Romanization System for Hakka. The textbooks of Taiwanese Hokkien and Hakka are written in a mixed script of Traditional Chinese characters and Latin alphabet.

What we are translating are Taiwanese Mandarin ,instead of the dialects and minority languages. Now do I explain it thoroughly?
The official ISO language code is zh-TW in this case

But Chinese languages have lot of dialects like Cantonese and Hakka. It's not possible to translate all of them in one go.

Sind Sie Deutscher? Lassen Sie mich das ins Deutsche übersetzen.
Ich fürchte, dies ist eine sehr schwierige Aufgabe für Übersetzer und Systementwickler.
Es gibt unzählige Dialekte in der chinesischen Sprache ......
Ich weiß, dass ihr Leute beschäftigt seid. Bitte antworten Sie so bald wie möglich.
P.S Ich habe maschinelle Übersetzung verwendet, daher ist diese möglicherweise nicht sehr genau. Ich entschuldige mich, wenn es falsche Übersetzungen gibt.
P.P.S Manjaro Linux ist großartig !!!

Anybody? Pinging @philm

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