Hi there :slight_smile:

The Manjaro installer let me choose my password once I boot the image the first time.
After that, it asks me about my keyboard layout. oO

This leads into totally different passwords as intented, since the US layout is used by default. The installation is not even done and already messed up.

Proposed solution:
Let us set our keyboard layout first and then the password.

Second issue:

The choosen localisation settings do not get applied.

loadkeys and /etc/vconsole.conf both show the correct (custom) setting.
Both (Console and X11) are still in US when I type.

Third issue:

The clock was set wrong, not applying as well. Due to that, I was not able to visit Youtube and other pages, since SSL thought they lie to me. :slight_smile:

In conclusion:

I am very pleased with the straightforward installation process. The localisation is, on the other hand, one of the most broken things I have experienced in months.

There is obviously no one in the team who tests localisation issues, which is a common mistake in a world where the most users are based in the US.

And reporting issues like this with a broken keyboard is not fun, believe me that.

Registering here, inserting the credentials into my email account and typing this here is annoying since every tenth character is different.

Choosing Firefox instead Falkon adds up here, since it is slow as hell on a Pi 3B+ and has not even an ad block preinstalled, which slows down the whole process even more. Especially questionable on LXQt - why?

Thanks a lot


I could look into that. But I don’t get the issue. Don’t use special keys in your password if you are uncertain where they are on the US keyboard layout.

This have not happened in my test. I always choose Danish when making my tests and they have all worked, after the setup/reboot.
So I cannot reproduce this issue.

This also happens to me. I do believe I have fixed this, so new images going forward will sync time from NTP servers when an internet connection is available.

Wrong. I test localization on EACH image I create. All of them have worked for me.

Because everyone I have asked wants a browser they know, with the features they expect. Falkon is no where near feature rich enough to take that role. And it’s not even much lighter than Firefox.


Manjaro is a distribution aimed to casual people. Casual people who come from other operating systems. No Windows user I am aware about, knows that a couple of keys dont do what they intended to do.

99% of all users I know type in their password, without thinking about such an issue as different keyboard layouts. Thanks for the consideration.

I choose Austria, German, nodeadkeys.

This is what I get when I use localectl set-keymap as sudo and root:
Failed to set keymap: Access denied

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Maybe its about the specific language?

And they use it on an SBC like the Pi? Yes, the difference is not huge.

I simply think that it is unlikely that I can use A LOT of these additional features, since Firefox freezes the complete OS once I open two pages at the same time.

I would ask for an ad blocker and auto tab discard by default.


The login manager also offers me no other layout as US.

There is an underlying issue, since systemd won’t change the layout either and the correct packages seem to be in place:


Yes, this is an error, that I have highlighted in the release posts. I have no idea why this is.

The Pi is not meant for a desktop. I provided desktop images, because of high demand. But I can’t take repsonibility for what people use them for.
I know for a fact, that my RPI3B with LXQT could run Firefox with 2 tabs, without anything crashing.

We do like Arch and ship the packages as they are. We don’t customize them. That’s up to the user.


Depends on the tabs, obviously. I simply think Falkon makes more sense, since those few tab who can load, should at the very least not get cluttered with ads.

Might this be related to my other issue?

I mean a translation related error might be related to another translation related error.
Just guessing :slight_smile:


Possible. There’s a reason why I do locales as a first-boot thing. :slight_smile: At least I know that way works.