[BUG]Libre office fresh and still duplicate all input

The bug seems to be old but just hit me: https://ask.libreoffice.org/en/question/192896/double-letters-in-manjaro/

Every input I give to libre office duplicates.
"Tthhiiss iiss aann eexxaammppllee!!"

All other applications are oki. What might have been messed?

What happens if you close LO, delete/rename your /home/USER/.config/libreoffice, then relaunch LO?

Which desktop are you using? I just checked mine on KDE and it's okay still. Are you using a wireless logitech keyboard by any chance? Sometimes when the batteries are low (or there is something obstructing the signal to the receiver) the keys start repeating like that at random but it wouldn't necessarily be limited to LO. I guess you'd notice it there more as you type more in.


mv ~/.config/libreoffice/   ~/.config/libreoffice_old/

Reopen LO, same result.

@micsim35 I'm using KDE into a laptop.

If you create a secondary user account & log into it, what does its LO do?

I did work! So what now? :confused:

Pardon? Did you mean IT did work?

Assuming that is what you meant, then this implies some user config file problem beyond LO, in your main profile. If that's true, then from this step on it gets ugly...

A quick thought... after you tried my previous suggestion, you did not log out before relaunching LO, did you? I assume not, because i forgot to mention it. So now, i assume you are back in your main account. Could you please repeat that earlier step, but this time log out/in before relaunching LO. I suspect it will still be no good, but we should eliminate this possibility.

@kdemeoz I did logout. I expected you to ask it I also work on it. Yes I know it does get ugly cause I'm clueless regarding which file is messed.

try something for me please. start libreoffice from the terminal as follows:

libreoffice --safe-mode

choose the option to reset to factory settings. check both boxes under it. then click apply changes & restart.

It still doubles :triumph: I really assumed the issue would be gone with this one.

I hoped it might too but even so, it was worth trying.

Tbh [& i mean no offence], i did not expect that to work coz letting LO create the brand new user profile already failed to help.

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It DID work.

@vfbsilva, maybe some better Manjaroos than me might drop by soon, but at the moment i am wondering if you might need to nuke your Plasma user profile...

lets do it I dont care. Just cleared the LO profile and all themes.

What, you said it still duplicated text...?

@kdemeoz the new account does not duplicate.
The old duplicates despite the reset.
How do I nuke the profile?

No no, we're at cross-purposes here.

Yes the new PLASMA account is good, but that's not what @micsim35 & i meant with our


We were both focusing there only on LO.

However, NOW we are suggesting the problem might be bigger than only LO [given that resetting it has not helped], which implies a deeper corruption somewhere within your Plasma user account [not LO] config directories/files. Chasing that putative error down could take forever, which is why backing up your data & resetting the main Plasma account to default, might overall be faster for you.

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I have a schedule back up to my s3 bucket I just need to know what/how to reset plasma. Is this enough?

# Reset KDE plasma to defaults

rm ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc
rm ~/.config/plasmarc
rm ~/.config/plasmashellrc
rm ~/.config/kdeglobals
rm ~/.config/kwinrc

Annoyingly i seem not to have bookmarked the specific procedure, but i assume you will find it somewhere in here... https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/KDE#Troubleshooting


If you cannot find the problem, but you do not want all the settings to be lost, navigate to ~/.config/ and run the following command:

$ for j in plasma*; do mv -- "$j" "${j%}.bak"; done

This command will rename all Plasma related configuration files to *.bak (e.g. plasmarc.bak) of your user and when you will relogin into Plasma, you will have the default settings back. To undo that action, remove the .bak file extension. If you already have *.bak files, rename, move, or delete them first. It is highly recommended that you create regular backups anyway. See Synchronization and backup programs for a list of possible solutions.

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