Bug: KDE applications do not pull in kuiserver which now is in plasma-workspace

I’m a newbie to Manjaro, I was using (and still am on other machines) debian, but I thought I give it a try. And I have to say: Manjaro is giving me a hard time (starting already with installation, see different post).
I’m running the XFCE version 18 of Manjaro now and I’m still in the phase of configuring the system to my liking. One thing is to use dolphin and krusader (yes both) file managers. Unfortunately I was fighting for days now to fix an issue.

Issue: There is no file transfer indication not even to talk about the file transfer popup/window

Note 1: No, don’t tell me

  • to copy (big) files on the cmd line
  • that copy is fast any you just don’t see it
  • that there is no need for that
  • or that there is a notification icon somewhere…
    I found a lot of suggestions, one more stupid/dump/ignorant than the other. Guys: Don’t try to solve issues the way you would like to have a thing working but listen to the people having the issue… try to understand them. There is nothing against politely making suggestions to solve it in a different way.

So, the fact is, that is NO indication what so ever when copy/move files with dolphin or krusader.

The solution is easy: It is missing “kuiserver” for this notifications as stated here: https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=225&t=121466

I came to that page from another guy asking why with an update of his Manjaro XFCE it tries to pull in plasma-workspace replacing kuiserver.

Workaround: Install the plasma-workspace manually

Solution: Add dependency on plasma-workspace for (at least) dolphin and krusader

If there is another solution for that, I would be glad to know about.

At least at the time of this writing, you don’t seem to have any other posts.

That is a pretty interesting challenge. You are doing something somewhat unconventional here using dolphin in xfce.

I am not really sure what the right answer is here. Since it is needed to make fairly basic functionality work it makes sense that it would be a dependency. On the other hand, many people probably wouldn’t want that brought in with a file manager.

Either way, that is packaged upstream and not by Manjaro.

I am curious what other people think about this.

Is it actually a dependency of the package, though? That is, does the software fail to operate without the other package?

If not, I suspect should be an “optdepend” (similar to the Debian “Suggests”).

As a new user you might also read this:

Looking at plasma-workspace it brings in a lot of other dependencies too:

$ pacman -Si plasma-workspace
Provides        : kuiserver  notification-daemon
Depends On      : kjsembed  knotifyconfig  libksysguard  ktexteditor  libqalculate  qt5-tools  kde-cli-tools  bc  xorg-xrdb  xorg-xsetroot
                  kactivitymanagerd  kholidays  xorg-xmessage  xorg-xprop  milou  prison  kwin  plasma-integration  kdelibs4support

There has to be a better way to do this.

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There is a kuiserver-standalone in the AUR but that doesn’t really solve the packaging problem.

It seems like displaying the progress of file operations is a fairly core function for a file manager.

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Yeah… I think this may be another one of those KDE things where everything is interdependent.

I suspect if the package was changed to bring in plasma-workspace there would be another section of users who would complain about “bloat” because e.g. file managers don’t need kwin in order to function…

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Definitely, they wouldn’t be wrong.

It seems like fixing it in a meaningful way would require substantial changes to the packaging.

Now I am curious what other distros do.

I would be really happy to have a different solution. But not having the information that a copy/move has finished or better the potential consequences (which happened to me the first time when removing the USB key assuming everything is done) I would not consider this a pure optional feature but a must have. I personally don’t like how tight some applications are bundled into some specific desktop environments.

If you don’t like the way certain software works then you have a few choices:

  1. Use something else.
  2. Ask the upstream developers to change what they’re doing.
  3. Write the alterations to the software that you want, and make them available for others to use.
  4. Ask someone else to write the changes that you want;
    a. someone who wants the same thing might do it for free
    b. or you’ll have to pay someone to do it for you.

People on the Manjaro forum aren’t going to pick this up and take it forwards for you. If you want something you’ll have to expend some effort yourself. :woman_shrugging:


Don’t worry, I’m not really expecting that this problem will be solved; unfortunately time has proven this not to work. Why else would I still receive comments to issues created more than 10 years ago (no, not manjaro, thunderbird in this case BTW: Yet another account with user and password)
The main purpose of this post is to publish the findings in a place I consider the most appropriate one according to the problem and help others find it and make up there mind how to deal with it / “solve” or better mitigate it.

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Thank you dalto! I have removed the plasma-workspace package and installed only kuiserver form AUR and can confirm that the dialogs still work.

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