[Bug in Stable Update 2021.04.28] Order of character-mode virtual consoles and desktop session has shifted in Plasma Edition

Since the update to Manjaro Stable of 28.04.2021, the order of the character-mode virtual consoles and of the virtual console where KDE Plasma is running is off by 1. /dev/tty1 is now uninitialized ─ it doesn’t even show a login prompt ─ and Plasma is now running at /dev/tty2, as you can see below. :arrow_down:

[06:05:19][aragorn] >  who
aragorn  tty2         2021-04-29 05:52 (:0)
aragorn  pts/0        2021-04-29 05:52 (:0)
aragorn  pts/1        2021-04-29 06:05 (:0)
aragorn  pts/2        2021-04-29 05:55 (:0)

The first usable free virtual console is /dev/tty3.


It seems the same issue is present in testing and unstable, so, apparently was not obvious to anybody else (including me) before this mention of it from you.

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Same on arch: FS#70528 : [sddm] switching vtty does not activate graphical session

It’s an sddm bug:


Oh cool… :man_facepalming:


This issue has now been resolved with the 2021.05.06 Stable Update, so I’m closing the thread. :wink: