[BUG] Fresh install, sddm-greeter dumped core

Hey all

I've found today that if you download the current image ( Manjaro-ARM-lxqt-rpi3-19.04) for Manjaro LXQT for RPi3 (I'm using a B+) and do a pacman -Syu, the current package versions result in sddm-greeter failing to start and causing a hang.

You can, however, login via ctrl+alt+f2 (I never learned the real name for this), start startx and run startlxqt to get into the DE.

Here is the message from journalctl:
Process 585 (sddm-greeter) of user 1000 dumped core.

Stack trace of thread 585:
#0 0x0000ffff950d2494 raise (libc.so.6)
#1 0x0000ffff950bfe68 abort (libc.so.6)
#2 0x0000ffff9547bfdc _ZNK14QMessageLogger5fatalEPKcz (libQt5Core.so.5)
#3 0x0000ffff95a9e090 _ZN22QGuiApplicationPrivate25createPlatformIntegrationEv (libQt5Gui.so.5)
#4 0x0000ffff95a9e5a8 _ZN22QGuiApplicationPrivate21createEventDispatcherEv (libQt5Gui.so.5)
#5 0x0000ffff956a3524 _ZN23QCoreApplicationPrivate4initEv (libQt5Core.so.5)
#6 0x0000ffff95aa0598 _ZN22QGuiApplicationPrivate4initEv (libQt5Gui.so.5)
#7 0x0000ffff95aa133c _ZN15QGuiApplicationC1ERiPPci (libQt5Gui.so.5)
#8 0x0000aaaae552be38 main (sddm-greeter)
#9 0x0000ffff950c02a4 __libc_start_main (libc.so.6)
#10 0x0000aaaae552c6b0 _start (sddm-greeter)
#11 0x0000aaaae552c6b0 _start (sddm-greeter)

We have had multiple reports of this from 3B+ users.
But I have had no issues like this on my regular 3B.

The Core dump trace does not tell me much. :frowning:
The SDDM package used is from Arch Linux ARM.
Can you try installing Arch Linux ARM, update and reboot? Just to see if it's a problem there aswell.

Sure, i'll report back soon :slight_smile:

I was hoping to find info around for autologin and booting straight to lxqt (This pi is just a stats display monitor essentially) but since it's already dead in the water I'll see if I can reproduce with arch linux arm.

If the same issue happens on ALARM, you can try installing sddm-n2 on Manjaro ARM instead.
It's just the 0.15 version of SDDM instead of 0.18.1.

I am using the current Manjaro image on my RPi 3B+ and I did have similar issues at first. I even upgraded everything again today and rebooted all still seems good.

I have no issues at present ( after fixing the sound issue) except no VC4 hardware decoding with the GPU using the mainline kernel so I compiled and installed the Pi Foundation 64 bit kernel and it's overlays to have it. I spend most of my time viewing videos with mpv so GPU hardware decoding is a must. I still use the rest of the manjaro image though and really like it.

Here is what I did and and really do not know what the culprit was at this point:

First off I did not go through the setting up the user account properly for some reason and had to re-burn the image.

It would not bring up the sddm login until I:

Updated the the system with sudo pacman -Syu
Re-installed sddm

I can not remember but seems like I also did what was recommended in the release statement.

I couldn't reproduce this the other day with arch on ALARM sadly, playing with it again today...

Okay rolling back to sddm-n2 worked perfectly, with the new config. Just had to rename config to replace, now all is well. weird.

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