[BUG] Folder Size/Item count not showing up for symlinks in Dolphin

After the latest update to 5.19.4, Dolphin has stopped showing the Folder Size and Item Count props in the “Additional Information” field for both symlinked and empty folders.

Example - Here, Documents and Public are empty, Downloads, Music, Pictures are symlinked.

  • The bug works recursively - Inside the downloads symlink folder, no folder shows size.
  • It works after opening the original path of symlinked folder
  • The issue persists even in the “Details” view mode.

I couldn’t find any related bug report from my basic searches. Is anyone else facing this too?

Is that still the case if you click on…

View → Additional Information → Link Destination


Yup, it still persists. The bug is limited to only the folder size/item count. The symlink dest shows up properly (when available).

I’ve reported the bug to kde’s issue tracker: 428712 – Folder size (count of files) not shown for symlinked folders

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I actually noticed this on the folders within the symlinked folder. I was hoping it would go away with 5.20 (it didn’t). Thanks for filing the bug report.

I just updated to the latest release of Manjaro (which includes the KDE 20.12 update), and now the item count is not showing for any external disk (other than the root partition), symlink or no symlink. Anyone else facing this?