Budgie's config breaks gnome

I read at https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php/Install_Desktop_Environments#The_Risks_of_Using_Multiple_DEs says that using multiple DE is risky....
But i was too late.

I used XFCE4 alongside Gnome for quite some time and jumping from DE to DE like plasma, cinnamon, mate, lxde, etc with no issue. So I just installed budgie thinking it's gonna be alright... but I was wrong.

For some reason I decided to go back to gnome and xfce4.
In short, budgie have good stuff from xfce4 and gnome but it's not better than them at their respective strong points.

But I can't. I can't log in back to gnome. It will keep a blank screen when I tried to.
I already uninstalled budgie but I still can't log back in to gnome. I suppose it's the configuration?
Anyone knew how to fix this? which files to delete? I don't mind having to reset gnome's configuration.

You might want to try re-installing gnome and gnome-extra.
Once you get to the login of gdm or lightdm, whichever you were using, instead of just logging in through gdm or lightdm, just hit ctrl+alt+F1 or F2 for a Virtual terminal.
Just login there and sudo pacman -Syu to make sure there aren't any updates.
Then sudo pacman -S gnome gnome-extras.
I don't know if using overwrite would be good here or not. I would be careful with that.

Hopefully, that might persuade it to work again. :slight_smile:


I would recommend this. When you uninstalled budgie you may have taken parts of gnome along for the ride because budgie includes parts of gnome.

You only need overwrite when their are files in the system not owned by the package manager. pacman will gladly overwrite files as long as it believes it owns them. Using overwrite is somewhat risky and more the exception than the rule.


Thank you.
It seems like I cannot download the package at the moment, maybe I need to do full system upgrade first. But I can only do it when I have access to unlimited internet access. I'll do it later once I have it. can ignore this paragraph.


I forgot to mention that, the gnome works for other user. Only one user that has budgie configured/customized before that cannot run gnome. Other user can. Maybe that... have different cause?


reinstalling gnome works. Thanks.

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