Budgie workspace frame on top bar changes width frequently


with my Budgie desktop I do show 2 workspaces on my top bar. Unfortunately the width of that frames do change from time to time. So far I was not able to understand why that happens and I assume that it is accidental.
As I was not able to find any settings for it, I’d like to ask for support in this mission. I’ve added 2 pictures about the differently shown width. Besides that, I’m using Budgie with ArcoLinux and Solus OS too, but encountered that behavior only on Manjaro Budgie.

Thank you!

2021_Manjaro_Budgie_1 2021_Manjaro_Budgie_2

So, none of the developers interested in the issue, or no solution availible?

This is likely a specific issue to the workspace switching applet.
I would suggest to find the github development page and raise an issue there. Then pray someone still maintains it.

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