Budgie-screensaver sometimes fails to unlock

I’m running a relatively new install (March 28) of manjaro with the budgie desktop (v. nice!) and sometimes the lockscreen won’t let me in.

  • I am fairly confident that the password is correct, and the keyboard is not erroring, because I can sign in by ctrl+alt+f2, or ssh, and both the sign in and sudo accept my password there. If I try to switch users, the budgie greeter (I think this is the program that handles this?) accepts my password, and takes me back to the lockscreen, which won’t accept my password.

This is what I find in systemd

May 08 12:30:12 margery dbus-daemon[358]: [system] Activating via systemd: service name='org.freedesktop.home1' unit='dbus-org.freedesktop.home1.service' requested by ':1.101' (uid=1000 pid=8357 comm="/usr/lib/budgie-screensaver-dialog --status-messag")
May 08 12:30:12 margery dbus-daemon[358]: [system] Activation via systemd failed for unit 'dbus-org.freedesktop.home1.service': Unit dbus-org.freedesktop.home1.service not found.
May 08 12:30:12 margery budgie-screensaver-dialog[8357]: pam_systemd_home(budgie-screensaver:auth): systemd-homed is not available: Unit dbus-org.freedesktop.home1.service not found.
May 08 12:30:17 margery budgie-screensaver-dialog[8357]: pam_unix(budgie-screensaver:auth): authentication failure; logname= uid=1000 euid=1000 tty=:0.0 ruser= rhost=  user=USER

Even more bafflingly, it sometimes works if I leave it and come back.

I know saying this makes it sound like a faillock issue, but looking at

faillock --user ME

only shows two attempts and faillock.conf is set to three attempts. I certainly have locked myself out while trying to figure this out, but it doesn’t seem to be the source of the problem.

I reinstalled pamcore and budgie-screensaver in case, I don’t know, cosmic rays, but that doesn’t seem to be it.

Where else should I be looking? I have searched a fair amount and it seems like I am the only one encountering this problem.