Budgie - Pamac Problem



since some time i have the problem das the indicator applet doesnt seem to work or pamac doesnt start up and check for updates. In the end i dont get infos if there are upadates. I can start pamac and look for updates and install them , thats no problem. I waited some updates of pamac and indicators, i also reinstalled them. Nothing changes, can you give me a idea what to do?

Thank you



Do nothing, it is best the way it is as long as you can perform your updates. Without the silly update prompt you will get in the habit of visiting the updates thread on the forum to find out if any special precautions need to be taken on a problematic update.

Get in the habit of waiting two days after an update has been released to perform your updates. This should ensure that a system breaking update will already have a patch released by the time you do your update.

Do this instead of pressing the update button whenever the notifier prompts you to, and you will almost never experience update problems. Do not rely on the silly prompter to tell you when to update that is increasing your chances of having a bad update by a large margin. Rely on the forum updates thread to tell you what to do not some silly icon. Seriously this is the best thing you can do to ensure problem free updates.