Budgie menu issue with lightdm-settings


Hi guys, all of my DE are released at 17.1.11 point. I’m also in order to do the Budgie 17.1.11 and i’m still working into the next Gnome 18.0 release. Well i have an annoing issue on budgie with lightdm-settings. I’m not able to open the gui via budgie menu. Already opened an issue on Solus repo a time ago

and also into lightdm-settings repo

(ok here is mentioned also Cinnamon issue but this is already solved by @oberon)
All work fine if i open via gnome-terminal: pkexec lightdm-settings

Any idea how i can trace it? It is funny but if i run
budgie-panel --replace &
it open without error only the error reported here but i’m not sure is related at my problem…
This is the only no go issue for manjaro budgie at the moment :rage:

Manjaro Budgie 17.1.11

Would help as a workaround to add
budgie-panel --replace &
to autostart?


Uhmmm :sweat_smile: you point me in a very easy solution… Not considered this workaround… Not know why i want find a complex solution… :joy: let me try :wink:

$ budgie-desktop --version        
budgie-desktop v10.4-81-g733742a4
Copyright © 2014-2017 Budgie Desktop Developers

I get this error on my budgie:

#from run dialog
juil. 07 22:11:48 yo-gs budgie-wm.desktop[1854]: Refusing to render service to dead parents.
#from menu
juil. 07 22:11:53 yo-gs budgie-panel.desktop[1862]: Refusing to render service to dead parents.

But if I start run dialog from terminal it work flawlessly (budgie-run-dialog)

:point_up_2: this is a gif :point_up_2:


Yep … this is very strange… btw also add a command for reset budgie ( budgie-panel --replace & ) not have effect … i have also tried to add a time to do it whit sleep 10 but nothing … i see budgie reset the session but lightdm doesen’t start … in terminal all is ok grrrrr :rage:

This seem work as expected


I wanted to suggest this workaroud
Exec=budgie-panel --replace && lightdm-settings
but forgot. Good that you got the idea, too.