[Budgie] Font changed into a very strange form

So .. yesterday everything worked fine.

But then.. next day, i open my laptop and almost everything in my OS has a strange font, like literally everywhere..

Do you know how to fix this guys ? What causes such thing ?

Screenshot%20from%202020-01-18%2000-41-52 Screenshot%20from%202020-01-18%2000-35-49 Screenshot%20from%202020-01-18%2000-34-17

Thanks in advance.

Try downgrading fontconfig.

sudo pacman -Suu fontconfig

Thank you. Restarted and everything great again. But what can cause this problem ? Maybe another package or something ? Or is there some other things ? Just interested.

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There was a problem with the newer version of fontconfig a while ago, resulting in the decision to put the older version back in the repository. However, not everyone was experiencing said problem, so it was advised to those who already had the newer version that they could keep that one.

But apparently, it does still cause people to experience problems where they did not have any problems before, so replacing the later version with the earlier version then generally remedies said problem.

As I understand it, the newest version causes problems with packages installed by way of Snap, but I can't verify that as I'm not using Snap. It either way seems to be mainly related to GTK-based applications and libcairo. :thinking:

As I remember, the problem also wasn't restricted to Manjaro and Arch. Other distributions were also affected ─ e.g. PCLinuxOS ─ which suggests that it's an upstream problem. :man_shrugging:

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