Budgie and Mate 17.0.3 release candidates



Today i have uploaded the ISOs for Budgie and Mate editions . Built with the stable branch and with the last update for this branch and for now only 64bit edition …
This are maintenance release for our Gellivara release so nothing changes . The only big relevance is for Budgie De with last 10.4 release of this DE .

Test the ISOs and report back a feedback before incoming final release :wink:


Manjaro 17.0 Community edition continue ou pas?

Mate is looking and running good.


Any chance that “Built-in theme” can be enabled by default for Budgie? Without that, the menu has an issue as mentioned in this post:

I suppose another way to handle this would be switching over to another theme by default instead of Vertex-Maia-Dark, although just turning on Built-in theme would likely be the easier solution.



Also, I don’t want to have a bikeshed discussion, but I think the lock screen background for the Budgie ISO should probably be any of the darker wallpapers, instead of the really bright-colored one that is set by default. This will provide consistency since a dark theme is enabled by default, and as it is now, that bright lock screen background is kind of jarring to the eyes. The lock screen background doesn’t have to, and probably shouldn’t be the same as the desktop wallpaper, but perhaps one like the wallpaper with the three small Manjaro logos in the middle would make sense. Those logos will get covered by the password dialog for the lock screen, but the rest of the image is a darker color, which seems to align better with the overall theming compared to the bright lock screen image used currently.


Hi , can you send a picture of the issue ? Vertex-maia theme is not afflicted by the black bar on the application menù . This appear if the theme not provide a fallback system and the arc-theme now is broken . In Solus it work because the built in theme solve this issue . If you now see the last iso of Solus Budgie De you can see also here the built-in-theme is disable because now Budgie use adapta-theme ( arc-theme seem not maintained ) and this theme provide a regular fallback system :wink:

In the next 17.1 Hakoila i think to move into adapta-theme manjaro modified :smiley:

This make sense change the background in the final release :wink:


OK @Ste74, here is something for you. In Mate, when I right click on Menu and try to select Edit Menus nothing happens.


Well mozo is missing in mate , i add it … for budgie after see a video in youtube with budgie 17.0.2 rc i see the issue with theming … i not understand why in my installation i don’t see but in any case changing the theme in budgie was planned for 17.1 release but i will do now :wink:


Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, but I am glad you were able to see the theming issue in Budgie, and that you are going to switch over to an Adapta-based theme by default in 17.0.4. I actually was able to see the mentioned issue if running the system in Live mode when clicking on Accessories or Education, for instance, so perhaps that is why you didn’t see it on your install.

Thanks again for your work on the Mate and Budgie community editions, as it is greatly appreciated!