Budgie 18.0.1 GRUB Error After Update


yesterday I installed a new machine with the community edition of Budgie. After running a full update and performing a reboot the system reported the fowllowing:

error: file '/boot/vmlinuz-5.2-x86_64' not found.
error: you need to load the kernel first.

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Failed to boot both default an fallback entries.

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I tried a few reinstalls. Allways the same. The KDE image worked finally. Also this might have something to do with the encryption of the drive during the installation (just an idea).

Is this problem known?


How new? This may (or maynot) be all of it. If so, I would try an image with the latest kernel.

This is a problem with pacman not being updated, the one on budgie spin is 5.1 and the newest 5.2, the change is adding paths causing the issue, when you update it doesn't have paths defined and outputs invalid value path. When this happens stuff doesn't get installed correctly and breaks the system.

source and fix maybe.

Community maintainer really needs to build a new iso and fix it otherwise noobs will be stuck and disheartened when their system breaks.

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Agreed 100%, because it's been H#!! trying to reinstall it on my old work PC today after having an SSD fail, and having error after error with the grub menu, to Pacmac not updating, to not even being able to update via terminal. I really like Manjaro Budgie, and I hope it gets updated soon, for the meantime I'm going to have to go with the Cinnamon build(tried Gnome it got on my nerves being too locked down theme wise) to get a working machine. I'm just keeping my fingers cross all of my other machines don't run into issues anytime soon, as they all have Budgie spin installed.
Edit: I moved my main laptop to the Cinnamon spin, and as time allows I will also be moving my other machines over as well, if Budgie is no longer going to be updated, and supported with a current ISO that does not break on install.

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