BTRFS system on Raspberry Pi 4

Can I create an image for Raspberry Pi 4 with BTRFS file structure? Or can I convert the boot system to this file structure? So I can use snapshots with my Raspberry Pi.

Well, I decided to try it. I can now say yes, it is possible. I now have my RPi4 8GB booting Manjaro 20.08 on a 500GB USB 3.0 SSD with a 120GB root / on btrfs.

It was not painless, it was wonky, some shared libs had invalid ELF headers. I recopied the entire /usr/lib/ and they seem better now. No idea why or how.

I have yet to try taking snapshots.

I should add Manjaro 20.08, with current updates applied. The updated kernel build is required for btrfs support.

I installed snapper and snap-pac and made a manual snapshot.

And then after finding a config file that was corrupted and having those ELF header errors, I decided to use pacman to reinstall all packages.

So far, everything seems to be in good shape at the moment. And I have snaphots made by pacman.