Btrfs Snapshots via Snapper GUI

Hi guys, mainly addressing the devs here - I LOVE Manjaro and have been using it for many years now. The main feature I think Manjaro needs, which OpenSuse already has is the ability to easily setup Btrfs snapshots during install. I have tried [unsuccessfully] to replicate this in Manjaro but have just found myself jumping through hoops to achieve it.
I followed a video by Nick, a German Arch/Suse user but still couldn't get it working. Opensuse just involves clicking a button to set it up. Please could something like this be looked into?


What is the suse tool called? Can you point to the source?


The btrfs subvolume structure of manjaro-architect should be compatible with both snapper and timeshift. Just make a normal installation, choose btrfs and install snapper-gui as extra package.

the tool to create and rollback snapshots is part of YAST but the installer creates all the necessary subvolumes and sets it all up ready to be used.

you might want this.
or may not.

automatic btrfs snapshots
you can install from any manjarowish iso
and have this enabled out of box.


openSUSE approach is way too much over-engineering for Manjaro, IMO.
Timeshift is simple enough, automatic snapshots can be enabled or disabled.

If you prefer Snapper and Snapper GUI, follow the guide how to install it:
The result will be much simpler to use than how openSUSE sets it up.

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It was mainly that I wanted to find the easiest way to install on Btrfs allowing rollbacks but I think I've found the perfect solution for me as highlighted by @Librewish: Manjarowish : Kde-Gaming edition


But there @Librewish uses Timeshift, it's not Snapper.

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I realise that, I thought that snapper was the only GUI that allowed rolling back to a previous version. I can see now that I was wrong. Thank you for your help everyone x


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