Btrfs setup guidance

Recently buttermanager was added to the ARM repository, and as I use btrfs, it caught my attention. I have been using snapper, but I thought to give buttermanager a look.

Snapper being a SUSE thing, it expects to find a SUSE btrfs layout, ie @ subvolumes.

buttermanager may be agnostic, but the points to this guide as to how to setup a btrfs filesystem and subvolumes.

And needless to say, they are not the same, and in fact appear quite different. :sigh:

The ARM installer which will install to btrfs, uses the SUSE setup with @ subvolumes but the link above uses what may be the “Arch Way”? So my question is to the Manjaro Devs, and is admittedly likely too far forward looking, but I will ask it anyway… Which setup will Manjaro adopt?

The btrfs setup that it’s in the current ARM installer is the @ subvolume setup.
Just seems to be a way to differentiate regular mounts from btrfs subvolumes. :slight_smile:

ButterManager was really just added to actually have a qt based btrfs snapshot manager in the repo. I haven’t really tested it much yet.

I tried Snapper-GUI and it seems to be doing good, if you set snapper up correctly. It’s gtk3 based though.

I installed the snapper gui a while back, and it is nice for looking at differences between snapshots. However, I use the snapper cli to manage the snapshots.

With the addition of the buttermanager and plasma being the more popular edition, it gave me cause to think that maybe it would become the Manjaro default/preferred btrfs management tool. And I would change my btrfs configuration accordingly.

As we have no plans to make btrfs the default filesystem (yet), there is no plans for a default btrfs management tool either. :wink:

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