Btrfs move /var to subvolume /@var

I’m running manjaro on btrfs installed by calamares. I have only 2 subvolumes : @ and @home. Would like to add @cache and @var, moving actual directories /cache and /var to subvolumes.
How can I do that ? (the actual system has been installed by calamares and works perfectly).
Thanks for your ideas.

I installed mine following this guide: Manjaro Linux with btrfs-luks full disk encryption including /boot and auto-snapshots with Timeshift (in-progress) | Willi Mutschler there is also a step by step on how to move /var to /@var later in the text.

Thanks a lot : that’s exactly what i’m searching since a few days. Regards.

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Your welcome - if you be so kind, you can mark the thread as solved than.

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